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Focus on valve safety technology research and development

Yongsheng believes that valve safety is the core of the core. We constantly innovate and develop valve safety technology. We guarantee the performance of high-efficiency and fine-controlled products and always ensure safe operation. This is our solemn commitment to our customers.


Scientific leading R&D design system

The company adopts the leading international AUTOCAD, Solidworks design, and uses its advanced motion simulation analysis, stress analysis, fluid analysis, and fatigue analysis technology to virtually verify the rationality of new product design before new products are put into mass production, significantly shortening new products. The design development time also ensures the safety of the final product and the best cost structure.


Strong R&D design mechanism

Dare to think, dare to be the brand gene of Yongsheng, the company’s annual investment in research and development is as high as 10% of total profits, hundreds of industrial R & D personnel, focus on valve safety technology innovation and promotion, and continuously promote the growth of enterprises and industry development.


The R&D orientation centered on customer needs

Yongsheng always pays high attention to the needs of customers and the development of the market. We have established strategic cooperation relationships with numerous scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, engineering institutes, and enterprises, and have jointly developed and collaborated on innovative products and solutions, becoming their most effective partners.

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